W E  A L L  L I V E  I N  G A Z A


Become a member of the team
​to bring the traveling arts installation to life

To have a major impact and be seen by many, the travelling arts installation must and will be set up in public spaces, in major world capitols.  The mission is to create an inviting and stimulating environment, open and accessible to all.  We envision the exhibits to be free of charge to welcome as wide an audience as possible to engage with the art work, music, films, live performances, and most importantly the dialogues and discussions.

Our immediate goal is to complete the final design, construct the traveling environment, print and mount additional Gaza portraits, and organize venue locations throughout Europe and the U.S. for a ten city tour in 2017.

To help bring We All Live in Gaza to life we are seeking individual, institutional and organizational sponsorships for specific components of the project.  Below are some options for your consideration.   
As an integral part of sponsorship for NGO organizations is the option to have a presence within the environment to promote, and seek funding for your own Gaza based undertakings.

Please do contact us with additional ideas and suggestions of how you’d like to contribute or get involved with our efforts. We are completely opened to collaboration and partnership.