W E  A L L  L I V E  I N  G A Z A

Winter Beach, Gaza City

Why We Need Your Help and Support

It goes without saying the political, economic and environmental situation has become critical for the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.  The overriding focus of our We All Live in Gaza project is to break down misconceptions and stereotypes about the people inside the territories.  They speak eloquently about their situation, our mission is to bring their voices from the inside to the outside.    
Today there are two ways you and/or your orgnizations can get involved: by making a direct contribution to our overall efforts using a credit card through our online PayPal account, or by becoming a sponsor of the online video series or traveling arts installation,
To make an immediate direct contribution please click the donate link below.  This will take you to PayPal where you can use your credit or bank card.

And to learn more about sponsorships please click the sponsorship button.  We thank you and the people of Gaza thank you.
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