W E  A L L  L I V E  I N  G A Z A

What ?

"You can be forgiven for being confused, but you can't  be forgiven 
for detaching yourself.”

John Ging, United Nations Mission Director, Gaza, 2011-2013

We All Live in Gaza is an independent cross media project being co-produced by The Inshallah Media Project in the U.S. and The Media Group, Gaza City.   Key partners include We Are Not Numbers, Gaza and Washington, DC.  and the P21 Gallery, London.  
In the coming months the project will be adding additional partners and sponsors, and you can find out how to become involved by clicking the Sponsorship button your the left. 

​The online web series is available now on this site and on mobile and wireless platforms internationally.  

The feature documentary will be completed in the winter of 2018.   The arts installation launched in July of 2017, at the OXO Design Center, London to commemorate the anniversary of the 2014 bombardment of the territory.  Plans are unfolding to bring the installation to Washington, DC, New York, Brussels and other world capitols.  

Our project's mission is twofold:

To chronicle conditions on the ground as seen through the eyes of policy makers, fellow journalists, academics, and critically from Gazans themselves living under siege.

To share what we have seen and heard with you, our audience using all available media.
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Why ?

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest
and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”          

 H.P. Lovecraft
Often it seems safer to embrace what we believe to be true, than to let go of it for fear of the unknown.  For many the words “Palestinian” and “terrorist” are synonymous, a product of media stereotyping that is often self-perpetuating. 

In the aftermath of the 2014 Palestinian/Israeli conflict with its massive bombardment of Gaza, our project is chronicling the region’s
political and social rebuilding through the eyes of the people of Gaza.

As journalists, documentary media makers and concerned humans it is important for us to document and share what is happening now on the ground in the territory.    

In parallel, it is critically important to understand why conditions exist as they do.  What are the historical and political underpinnings?  Why the massive level of destruction and civilian casualties?   Why is so little aid entering Gaza?  What effect is this slow pace of reconstruction having on the population?

Over the coming months and years we will seek out those both inside and outside the territory who can offer scenarios for resolving this serious political, physical and emotional crisis.  

Who ?

Maurice Jacobsen, with over 40 years of hands on experience, is the project's creator and producer.  He is leading the team and will be the primary presenter as the project makes its way back into the territory.

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Jonathan Cook is the chief researcher and journalist of our project. He is focusing on stories that impact the population of Gaza today and how policies and practices will affect them in the future.
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Atif Eisa with his son Rami is the founder and manager of The Media Group in Gaza City, an organizationl providing video services for broadcast clients internaionally. He and Rami are coordinating production inside the Gaza Strip, along with members of the team from WeAreNotNumbers.org  
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